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web design & development

We plan, design, & develop websites from start to finish using the most up-to-date technologies & practices.


We design your logo and develop other visual aspects to form your company’s overall brand.


We work to increase the “natural” visibility of your website on all major search engines.


We utilize this extension of your brand to get you more traffic and generate new leads.

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The Jason Hunter Design team consists of a global network of developers, marketing professionals and creatives who bring best-in-class services to businesses and organizations across North America, Australia and the UK.

Discover The Creative Nexus

At the heart of innovation, The Creative Nexus by Jason Hunter Design is where creativity meets strategy to forge unparalleled digital experiences. In collaboration with Omnia Brand House and Cote Media, we’re expanding horizons beyond traditional digital marketing. From visionary branding to dynamic web solutions, The Creative Nexus is your gateway to holistic growth and digital excellence. Dive deeper into how we’re redefining the future of digital marketing and cultivating brand legacies that last.


  • “This audit helped us create not only a better-looking site that was more functional but also one that actively engages our visitors on a regular basis and significantly increased our conversion rate”
  • This team was extremely nice and helpful with information and planning in our consultation period. They did an amazing job with customer service also. Highly recommend if you are looking for a website or marketing services.
  • I'm thrilled to share my experience with Jason and his team. They have a remarkable understanding of the needs of small businesses, especially when starting from scratch. With their expertise, they helped us create a stunning logo, design a captivating website, craft meaningful content, establish a powerful LinkedIn presence, and seamlessly translate all of these elements into pure magic for our future customers. I can confidently say that Jason and his team have played a vital role in setting the foundation for our success.
  • When visitors come to our site, the captivating aerial video transports them to one of our events. Thanks to the creativity of Jason and his team, our prospects can immediately experience what it would be like to have our vintage trucks at their special event. Our new site is clean and has a softened appeal to grab the attention of anyone looking for a premier mobile bar experience. We also optimized how we capture contact information and have started a fun blog so we can stay in touch with existing and potential customers. We are so pleased and proud of our new site; it practically sells itself!
  • I run a branding design firm and am not a programmer. That’s why I partner with Jason and his team. On our recent e-commerce project with The Genius Brand, they showed us how our design can seamlessly accommodate the Shopify function. They also taught our client how to make simple edits and updates so they can be more self-sufficient. Webwork is often a moving target. I can depend on JHD to be responsive to our changing needs and stay on time and on budget. They’re a pleasure to work with.
  • I was blown away when I saw the beautiful, professional website Jason and his team created for my new golf tour business! The content, photography, and the way it functions confirm that I’m an established business and give me instant credibility. The Vacation Customization page asks just the right questions to educate and qualify my customers, so we don’t waste any time at that initial consultation. Jason is extremely responsive and honest. If something I suggest is cost-prohibitive, he’ll recommend an affordable alternative. He always has my best interests at heart.
  • After hearing Jason speak at a chamber event about how nonprofits can market more effectively, I knew we needed to work with him. He and his team started by giving us a phenomenal, modern logo that professionally represents our image. At the time, our website was so old and looked like a high schooler designed it. It was not only not mobile friendly, but it also wasn’t even desktop friendly! We serve several counties with silos of multiple services. The JHD team created a superb, easy-to navigate site we’re so proud of. They are patient and thorough. They took the time to understand where were headed and used a systematic approach to efficiently get the information from us to do their job. Five stars is not enough for the JHD team.

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