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Jason Hunter Design was created in 2000 while I was a Junior at Mason-Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. I had a graphic design assignment and was totally dry on ideas so that night I took a trip to the local Barnes & Noble to go through their collection of design books in search of inspiration. As fate would have it, someone had left The Dummies Guide to Creating a Web Page in that section. I spent the entire night writing down codes in my sketch book (cheaper than buying the book). When they kicked me out at 11pm, I went home, fired up my computer and before 2am had created my first web page. It didn’t serve much purpose just sitting on my computer though. Before dawn I had purchased web space on a server and published my one page website. A few versions later I started letting friends and family know where they could find my work. I used it as an online portfolio of sorts so my family could see that I was spending their hard earned money well.

Jason Bass, Creator of Possibilities

Within a few weeks, a friend of a friend had asked if I would build him a site for his music business. When I was done, he offered me $200. “Whoa! I can get paid to do this,” I said. And so, I marched down to the county seat and registered myself as a Self-Proprietor. Of course, not too many jobs came in after that one, so I took a job at a design studio after graduation. When that company showed signs of going under, I switched gears and taught art classes at my Alma Mater. While I loved this job, the word started to get out about my web design business and jobs starting coming in faster than I could handle. Before the school year was out, I resigned to pursue Jason Hunter Design. That was in the spring of 2003 and I have been devoted to building my business ever since.

I have met some very talented people in all this time and have asked some of them to join in my vision of creating a truly global network for only the most inspirational of clients.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and think of us for any and all of your web design needs.

And remember, word of mouth is the greatest compliment you can pay someone. If you know anyone that is thinking of developing a new website, or just making changes to an existing one, please think of us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and develop high-quality digital marketing solutions that enhance our clients growth, increase profitability, and continually improve productivity. We build strong connections and elevate our community with a focus on an exceptional customer experience.

Our Vision

To be a best-in-class organization delivering high-quality digital marketing solutions, the foundation of our business will consist of symbiotic partnerships and empowered employees exceeding expectations and adding demonstrated value at every step. Jason Hunter Design's aim is to earn customer's trust and confidence through personal attention, passion for what we do, and commitment to a long-lasting relationship.

Our Values

Positivity & Kindness
Community Focused
Growth Minded


The Jason Hunter Design team consists of a global network of developers, marketing professionals and creatives who bring best-in-class
services to businesses and organizations across North America, Australia and the UK.

Jason Bass

Jason Bass

Creator of Possibilities

Amanda Bartholomew

Amanda Bartholomew

Director of Operations


Garrett Meyer

Sales Rep & Project Manager

Saleema Lee

Saleema Lee

Project Manager

Mateo Rodriguez

Mateo Rodriguez

Junior Project Manager


Kasey Willis

Social Media and Communications Manager

Russ Cote

Russ Cote

Digital Marketing & Advertising Specialist
Alex Bayer – SQ Profile Picture

Alex Bayer

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Kamran Yousuf

Senior UX/UI Designer

Arindam Chaudhuri

UX/UI Designer

Satinath Mondal

Lead Developer

Faith Dominie

Content Creator
Durc Beyleveld

Durc Beyleveld

WordPress Maintenance Specialist
Casey Nix

Casey Nix

Billing Coordinator