FTP Release

Release of FTP Information to Client or Third-Party Waiver and release of Liability Last updated: 4-June, 2013

FTP Release

authorize JasonHunter Design, LLC to provide FTP credentials and access to my web site ONLY to the individuals I list below.

Please be aware that JasonHunter Design, LLC has performed a quality check and thorough QA of your web site and in our effort to protect your investment, we do not release FTP credentials to anyone unless a client specifically requests it.

It is the client’s responsibility (listed above) to make certain the individual(s) they list above have a good knowledge of web design and programming before granting them access to their web site.

If JasonHunter Design, LLC is required to remedy bad design or programming, we consider it
billable web site maintenance and will be billed accordingly.

By signing this release, you agree to these terms.

Please print fax this page back to JasonHunter Design, LLC at 815-328-1979.