Crafting Connection and Tradition into Every Bite

Client Background

3 Bros Cookies, though known for its namesake, specializes in crafting authentic stroopwafels—a cherished treat from the Netherlands. The venture, started by a Dutch engineer turned entrepreneur, was a way to connect with his stepsons, blending family and heritage into each delicious layer.

Project Mission

Jason Hunter Design (JHD) embarked on a mission to encapsulate this unique blend of family heritage and culinary delight into a cohesive brand identity, e-commerce platform, and packaging design that would introduce stroopwafels to a broader American audience.

Logo Design

We created a logo that intertwines the traditional Dutch stroopwafel with the warmth of the family story, symbolizing unity and authenticity. The design combines rustic elements with modern simplicity, reflecting the product’s origins and its new American journey.

Brand Identity

To capture the essence of 3 Bros Cookies, we developed a comprehensive brand identity that speaks to their heritage and story. The brand colors were chosen to evoke the rich, golden hues of freshly baked stroopwafels, and the typography was selected for its readability and warmth. Every detail, from the packaging to the promotional materials, was designed to be cohesive and reflective of the brand’s narrative.


The e-commerce platform was designed to be as inviting and warm as the cookies themselves. Using a palette inspired by the Netherlands’ natural landscape and the rich colors of stroopwafels, we ensured the site was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and fully functional, accommodating features like wholesale ordering and community fundraising.


Tailored solutions like mini-stores for boutique partners and a wholesale portal reflect the brand’s commitment to accessibility and community engagement, allowing them to expand their market reach while maintaining close ties with their roots.


The packaging was crafted to stand out on the shelves while telling the brand’s story. We incorporated elements of Dutch design, using traditional patterns and colors that speak to the origins of the stroopwafel, making every package a piece of the heritage and craftsmanship.

Process and

The journey began with in-depth consultations to understand the founder’s vision and the brand’s unique story. JHD’s collaborative approach involved multiple brainstorming sessions, prototype iterations, and feedback loops, ensuring the final output was aligned with the client’s aspirations. Our team worked closely with 3 Bros Cookies at every stage, from conceptualization to deployment, maintaining open communication and a flexible strategy to adapt to emerging needs and insights.

and Metrics

The results speak for themselves. 3 Bros Cookies reported a 35% increase in sales within the first quarter post-launch and a significant uptick in website traffic and social media engagement. Here’s what the founder had to say:

“Working with Jason Hunter Design was a game-changer for us. Their ability to translate our story into a compelling brand and effective e-commerce solution was outstanding. The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”


Jason Hunter Design has been pivotal in transforming 3 Bros Cookies from a home-based passion project into a symbol of cultural heritage and familial love on the national retail stage. Through thoughtful branding, intuitive digital solutions, and compelling storytelling, JHD has helped to bake the essence of connection and tradition into the success story of 3 Bros Cookies.