Laurita Winery

From Hidden Gem to Regional Destination

How Cote Media and Jason Hunter Design turned Laurita Winery from an unknown, hyper-locally known venue to one of the most highly attended outdoor event venues on the East Coast.


In 2012, Laurita Winery was not known outside of the greater New Egypt/Jackson, New Jersey boundary. Opened in 2008, the winery had a tiny clientele and failed to gain traction for either events or wine sales using social media.

The Pitch

Properly utilize social media, including the paid opportunities for promotion; Cote Media will dramatically increase awareness of and, hence, attendance at Laurita Winery’s outdoor events, and likewise, significantly increase wine sales.

“We were ecstatic if we got 400 people here on a weekend prior to 2013.”
- Co-Founder Ray Shea

Produce impressive results with sophisticated advertising utilizing the latest tools for targeting, remarketing, and conversions, with a website built for optimizing consumer transactions.

The formula is simple: Offer intelligent, consistent, interesting, and relevant content delivered on the social networks that make the most sense.

We proposed a complete overhaul of processes and content marketing that included but wasn’t limited to:

Using Facebook events feature to list and promote events organically for 2013, far in advance and in as detailed a manner as possible to show leisure during all months and seasons.

Overhauling their current website with Jason Hunter Design to align with their three pillars of revenue: Events, Weddings & Wine.

Ramp up weekly and monthly social media and website content output to better reflect the diversity of events and products Laurita offered.

Taking advantage of Facebook self-serve advertising portal to promote content beyond their existing audience.

The Return

JHD created a flexible e-commerce platform that was key to getting the winery through the COVID 19 pandemic, especially for the Events and Wine pillar.

YearTotal Website RevenueTotal Revenue (est)
  • Facebook Fans:
    2012: <1000
    Today: 77,400
  • Instagram Followers:
    2012: N/A
    Today: 32,800

The future

The growth of Laurita Winery is limited by the number of people they can safely allow on the property. Suffice to say, there is a maximum, but that has not been reached yet. As they have not hit their peak, the possibility of expanding their customer base across the entire United States is a definite possibility.

Laurita lifts the entire NJ wine industry with Code Media and Jason Hunter Design’s website, social media content and strategy.


Thank You