Zero FG Energy's Digital Overhaul and Continued Partnership with Jason Hunter Design

Client Overview

Zero FG Energy, a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, needed a robust, user-friendly online platform to serve both retail and wholesale customers. Their goal was to seamlessly integrate their e-commerce site with their accounting system to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience.

Project Scope

The primary objectives were to develop a custom-designed hybrid WordPress/Shopify website, integrate it with QuickBooks and other third-party tools, and provide ongoing support and digital marketing to ensure continuous growth.

The Challenge

Zero FG Energy required a comprehensive digital overhaul that combined the versatility of WordPress with the e-commerce strength of Shopify. The new platform had to support differentiated pricing for retail and wholesale customers, sync seamlessly with QuickBooks for streamlined accounting, and integrate various third-party tools for enhanced functionality. Additionally, the site needed to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and optimized for performance and security.

Our Solution

Jason Hunter Design crafted a hybrid WordPress/Shopify website, integrating WooCommerce with a Wholesale plugin to provide differentiated pricing. The custom design was tailored to reflect Zero FG Energy's brand identity, ensuring a seamless user experience. We implemented QuickBooks integration to sync customer data and invoices directly, streamlining their accounting process. Post-launch, Zero FG Energy was onboarded to our Care Plan, which includes web hosting, maintenance, automated privacy policy updates through Termageddon, and enhanced accessibility solutions with AccessiBe. We also initiated targeted digital marketing campaigns on Meta platforms to increase brand visibility, drive traffic, and optimize campaign performance for maximum impact.


The new website effectively meets Zero FG Energy's needs, providing a seamless and efficient user experience for both retail and wholesale customers. The integration with QuickBooks has streamlined their accounting processes, while the custom design and functionality have enhanced customer engagement. The targeted digital marketing campaigns have increased brand visibility and audience engagement, driving significant traffic and conversions. Continuous analysis and optimization ensure sustained impact and growth.


This case study highlights the successful delivery of a comprehensive digital solution for Zero FG Energy and underscores JHD's commitment to ongoing client success. The transition to our Care Plan and the initiation of targeted marketing campaigns demonstrate our dedication to nurturing long-term partnerships and driving continuous growth for our clients.

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