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JHD was highly recommended by our digital media company who does an amazing job. I am an interior designer and insanely particular about everything visual I create for my company. I had done my own website since I started up and liked the design I had come up with. There were many issues with the platform I was using and I had wondered if the design could be improved. I was doubtful anyone would meet or exceed my expectations in terms of design. I spoke with Jason and his services were very affordable to move my site to a new platform. He suggested I let him show me a concept for a new site just in case I might be interested. It was INCREDIBLE!! They kept all the things I loved about what I had done, but cleaned it up, made it much more professional, and enhanced the really important elements to really stand out. They work incredibly fast which I greatly needed and appreciated, they took feedback and had updates turned around rapidly. I am so, so impressed with the site they made for me. I have received amazing feedback. I only wish I had done this so much sooner!!!! Jason is very easy to work with and his ease at grasping the style and brand of my company was incredibly important to get such spectacular results. The process was fast and furious and I felt like his entire team was working 24 hours a day to get it done perfectly. I also had an idea through working with him to add e-commerce to the site in a fun way and that is going to be our next project together. I had always thought it would be much more expensive take more time and effort and never got around to it. It is so worth it. If you are considering upping your game, JHD is where it’s at. I could not be happier. Expectations most definitely exceeded. WOW