Web Accessibility

We don’t often talk about websites with inclusivity at the forefront. When you imagine how you’d design your site, you may think of colors, stock images, logos, branding, layout, SEO, and landing pages. But your web developer is also considering the moral, ethical, and opportunistic aspects of another very important topic: accessibility.

Expand Your Audience

When your website addresses users who may be older, have low bandwidth connections, primarily use their mobile devices, or have disabilities, it has the potential to reach the far corners of your target market. Your market includes people who may have visual, hearing, cognitive, and fine motor skill disabilities, and it’s paramount to consider how you can best serve them with your online presence.

Decrease Risk of Penalty

Not only will a more accessible website meet higher ethical and moral standards, it’ll prevent the risk of future legal fees. Do you know if your website is currently compliant with the ADA? Many people who live with disabilities can benefit tremendously from the products and services your business offers. Consideration of their needs as you build your site will prevent potential lawsuits and penalties.

Improve Financial Performance

As more people in your target audience are able to navigate and use your website, it’s likely your business will find a boost in sales and/or a decrease in costs. These costs may be associated with reducing maintenance expenses, lowering the risk of legal fees, and abating the need for web-alternative purchase solutions.

Recently we found an automatic, simple and affordable solution- an AI automatic system that can achieve full ADA compliance within 48 hours. The company that developed the system is accessiBe. After reviewing their system and testing it on our own website, we decided to offer the same solution to all of our clients. The yearly service price is $490 per domain.

For your convenience, here's a short video on accessiBe’s AI solution and a more-in-depth explanation of the system’s technology, main features and it works.

We believe this can solve the accessibility issue relating to your website in a fast, affordable and effective way.